National Adoption Month Fact Sheet

WACAP Fact Sheet

For Immediate Release
Nov 1, 2011

WACAP Celebrates National Adoption Month

Who: WACAP celebrates National Adoption Month with the community and society around the world.

What: National Adoption Month celebrates life-long adoptions, helps children find loving families and promotes adoptions to potential parents.

When: The whole month of November 2011.

Where: WACAP Agency and communities worldwide.


For more information:
Maitreyee Brandon
WACAP Adoptee

KING TV WACAP Press Release

WACAP Press Release

For Immediate Release
October 11, 2011

WACAP Partners with KING TV in Seattle

Renton, WA. – World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) gains partnership with KING TV. Activities that these children participate in will be on KING 5 Morning News on KONG and KING 5 News at noon.

“A Family for Me” is a national recognized project hosted by WACAP. Foster children who have not received a loving home participate in a memorable day with activities created on them.

WACAP has announced they are very excited to encourage children in the Washington state foster care system to stay positive in receiving a permanent home.

Introducing these unique children and their personalities will attract a large audience and will help WACAP find these children families that will give them a loving home.

WACAP is one of the leading nonprofit adoption and humanitarian agencies of the United States. More than 10,000 children have been placed up for adoption with adoptable parents and have been provided with food, medical care and education.


For more information:
Maitreyee Brandon
WACAP Adoptee

WACAP Feature Story

Friends Forever for WACAP Adoptees
By: Maitreyee Brandon

Seattle, WA. – On a cold December afternoon two girls who were rather familiar with each other came off the plane from India together. Both infants were placed in the same orphanage and were WACAP adoptees. Their parents met at a WACAP adoption class and both decided to pick up their children from the airport together.

Maitreyee Brandon and Emily Baisakhi Seaborg both attended long play dates at the orphanage and continued when they both moved to Utah. In 1993, Emily Baisakhi Seaborg moved to Seattle with her family but still kept in touch with her best friend.

“Most people fall off from talking to each other while we remained great friends,” said Emily Baisakhi Seaborg. “It’s cool that we stayed friends because we still talk.”

Maitreyee Brandon and Emily Baisakhi Seaborg became pen pals, talked on the phone every month and Emily came to Utah with her mom for vacations. They were also able to call each other more because they received T-Mobile phones and could talk for free.

“Becoming friends before we met our family and staying friends is very rare,” said Emily Baisakhi Seaborg. “It’s not very common that people would be friends for this long.”

With both girls busy with college and working they still make time to stay in touch through calling or video chat through Skype. They go to each other for comfort or for updates on each other’s busy lives.

Maitreyee Brandon is currently in college for strategic communications, working and is a WACAP volunteer writer.  Emily Baisakhi Seaborg is currently studying social work and both plan on creating a charity organization to help orphanages in need.


Web Designers Streamline

How Web Designers Can Streamline Your Website

Original Publish Date: June 28, 2011 / 11:55 AM
Posted by: Maitreyee Brandon
Marketing Assistant Intern

Displaying your company’s website can be a rough task for a small business. Society today relies on first impressions to make an informative decision. When clients look at your website, they look for easy to read information, eye catching images and fast way to find your company website. Web designers should include these features to ensure the success of a website.

Clients are often very busy and do not have time to read all the content on your website. Creating colorful headlines followed by text is also very important as clients can read keywords to get an idea of what your company is all about. One way to space out the content of your website is to add bullet points and short text. This will allow the client to read the content quickly and efficiently. If you do have a lot of information about that topic, split it up into different sub-topics for an easy read.

One of the primary ways to make your company’s website grow is to have eye catching images on your website. The human brain can understand images more quickly than it can comprehend wordy phrases. Having a simple cartoon on your website or a photograph that represents your company can help express your company’s message. The company logo should be large enough to be seen on your company’s website and should have a color scheme that is eye catching but not garish. Image slide shows are one way where you can attract a client. Three circulations are the most common and allow the client to view more images about your company.

The internal website structure should reach a large amount of online browsers and result in a higher conversation rate for your company. Having proper code structure and SEO methods can either boost your company’s business or run it to the ground. Search engines need proper keywords about your website to allow it to show up on the search engine. Having your website appear on the third page of Google is not ideal for your company. To increase the ranking of your website, choose specific keywords about your company that a client could search for on a search engine.

If you’re still stuck in a rut with your company’s website, Spyderwise has a team of experts that can help you brainstorm ideas about web design and SEO campaigns. Our goal is to make company rankings boost with our strategic programming experts and writers who can help make your website attract more online browsers than your competitor.

SEO Keyword

Keyword Research is the Key to a Successful SEO Campaign

Original publish date: July 26, 2011 / 4:35 PM
Posted by: Maitreyee Brandon
Marketing Assistant Intern

SEO as a marketing tool has become a revelation for many companies. Business progression and clientele increases can be directly related to SEO campaigns. A great way to get your company website found on a search engine is to find common keywords that potential customers would search for. SEO can be hugely beneficial; but without the right keywords, it is very difficult to get an internet marketing campaign off the ground.

The best way to search for SEO keywords is to know your topic. The more specific your keyword is, the easier it will be for your company to capture rankings using that keyword. Most online browsers search for keywords that are short and very generic, which are called short tail keywords. Short tail keywords acquire more online browsers, but it’s difficult to crack the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) for short tail terms because these keywords have a high search volume and are extremely competitive. While owning a first-page SERP spot with a short tail term is a good goal, it is usually a better idea to attack long tail terms first.

Long tail keywords are usually more specific than short tails and they have less search volume, but this makes them much less competitive. The specificity of long tail keywords means you will be making your site available to those who are searching for your exact goods or services. Ranking for long tail terms is much easier than short tail, and commanding a large amount of long tail terms will give you a volume similar to one short tail term, which will add to your website’s SEO value.

Keywords for SEO are very important because they allow potential customers to easily find your website. If your web design, content writing and blogs contain keywords that have been located as SEO targets, it will be much easier for online browsers to find your site. Many companies are all competing to be on the first page of Google SERPs.  Some ways to move your company forward is to include SEO keywords on every page of your website and to have a web design that contains excellent code structuring.

Finding the right keywords takes a lot of dedicated research. If a company goes after keywords that are too generic for them to rank on, then valuable marketing dollars will be wasted. Adequate keyword research will paint a realistic picture of the SEO landscape a company faces. Using services like Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns will help a company get a start on keyword research and get them on the path to first-page SERP rankings.

Social Networks

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