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14-Jan Eagle Gate College wishes you a great day!
28-Jan New to the business world? Check out 5 ways to never miss a deadline. (link)
30-Jan 6 Social media mistakes to avoid while job seeking (link)
4-Feb Networking can either help or slow down your career. Here are the do’s and dont’s of networking. (link)
6-Feb Struggling to find a job or internship? Visit our career services department to jump-start your career.
11-Feb Get ready for the career fair! (link)
13-Feb Wondering how to finance college? Visit our financial services department to learn about your financial options.
18-Feb Check out 5 college savings tips. (link)
20-Feb For those 2015 graduates, here is some career advice. (link)
25-Feb Attending an interview soon? Here are 7 questions to ask during an interview. (link)
27-Feb 10 Tips on how to choose the career that is right for you. (link)
1-March Nursing graduates, here are 10 things you can expect in 2015. (link)
3-March Career possibilities with a Criminal Justice Degree. (link)

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For Immediate Release:
July 4, 2011

Twitter Increase your social network marketing through Social Media Marketing. Here’s how: SMM 7/4/2011
Facebook What fun plans do you have today for the 4th of July? Some staff members are going to the Bee’s game! 7/4/2011
Twitter Everyone like free stuff!! Request for a free analysis: Analysis Request 7/5/2011
Facebook Check out our awesome portfolio! Portfolio 7/5/2011
Twitter It’s such a great day outside, our office looks so bright! 7/6/2011
Facebook If you weren’t at work, where would you be in this nice weather? 7/6/2011
Twitter SEO is expanding! More companies are getting into it. Call us for a campaign to boost your company. 7/7/2011
Facebook Learn how to increase productivity with your business through social networks here: SMM 7/7/2011
Twitter Meetings are always fun, What’s your favorite topic to talk about? 7/8/2011
Facebook Spacing and alignment influences clientele on your website. Click here for more information: Web Design 7/8/2011
Twitter What is your favorite way to market your company? Ours is through SEO and graphic design! 7/11/2011
Facebook Local Internet Marketing is a great way to promote your company for small businesses. 7/11/2011
Twitter Customize your call greetings to promote a different outlook on your company. Call Greetings 7/12/2011
Facebook Many mobile carriers support Sypydertext. Here is a list of all that apply: Mobile Carriers 7/12/2011
Twitter Check out our blog to find the latest updates on SEO and social network information. Spyderwise Blog 7/13/2011
Facebook Its a great day outside to go work out and get some exercise. 7/13/2011
Twitter Have you checked out our Facebook lately? It’s pretty awesome if we say so ourselves. Facebook 7/14/2011
Facebook SEO is beneficial for every company. How has it benefited your company? 7/14/2011