Firewall Facts

Fun Facts About Firewalls

Purchasing a new computer can be really exciting. While you are setting up your computer for the first time, it might be a good idea to set up a firewall as well. Firewalls are barriers that help keep destructive forces away. This helps protect your home network and family from web sites and hackers that can send viruses to your computer.

Creating separation between your private networks from the internet is used by the Network Address Translation (NAT). The idea is to keep other computers from being internet accessible to assign them to an invalid IP address. The only IP address that should be available is assigned to the firewall. All machines protected by the firewall are given an IP address and are valid on the private network.  If the computer on a private network needs to communicate with the outside world, it sends a request to the firewall. The firewall places the request and when it arrives to the firewall, it responds to the appropriate computer on the private network.

Port filtering is used to ensure that nothing can pass through an open port except through request of the administrator.  Common hacking techniques can include performing a port scan against and IP address. This allows the hacker with a list of ports that are open. And use protocols to gain entry into the system. Port filtering can also deny access to the system from an IP address the administer has chosen. Port filtering examines the system header such as source address to make sure it is not spoofed.

Firewalls are important to protect your personal property and the help make your new computer safe and secure. Firewalls can be set up through software and can always be scanned to make sure it’s working properly. Small businesses have firewall protect to help secure special files such as finances and client information.

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