Officer radio spot

Male voice: I’ve been sick for quite a while and my doctor told me that I needed a new kidney within the next 6 months. My health insurance wouldn’t cover all the expenses and I was on the waiting list to have a kidney donated.

SFX: sounds of doctor talking in background

Male Voice: I got pneumonia and it put me in the hospital for a few weeks. My new neighbor was about to go on a cruise to Mexico, after he heard about my entrance to the hospital he canceled his trip. I never thought that someone would cancel their trip to help save my life. It’s because of him that I am alive today.

Anncr:  In Utah, values count.  At Bear River Mutual, values have always guided how we live and do business.  Since 1909, our dedication to service and integrity has always been our cornerstone.  Visit us at Bear River Mutual dot comfort your home and insurance needs.

SFX:  Jingle sings out:  “Bear River Mutual…where values count.”


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