Seeking new opportunities

I am currently seeking new opportunities for employment. I have been working for Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc and I am grateful for all the experience I have gained in this organization. I would like to take the next steps in my career for a management position. After working in the marketing and compliance industry, I have been able to work with supervisors who inspired me to move forward. I was able to watch them lead by example. With my MBA degree and opportunities to lead in a work setting or classroom, I believe I am finally ready for a management position.

I am the type of person who loves personal and educational growth. I enjoy learning new things to apply to my resume and skills. I am currently taking a certification course through Google’s Coursera for Project Management Certification and I am set to finish that course in November. Mental growth is important for me because I can expand my knowledge and find new ways to handle tough decisions.

I am open to having a discussion about recruiting or learning more about my experience. Please reach out to me on Linkedin and we can connect.

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