Illuminate India S.W.O.T. Analysis

April 12, 2012 Comments Off on Illuminate India S.W.O.T. Analysis


  • Illuminate India established on Feb 25, 2012 and have already raised $610.
  • We are helping orphanages provide children with basic needs and therapeutic services.
  • Donations continue to rise by sponsoring marathons and donating chairs to India.
  • Illuminate India is a non-profit organization and can be used for tax exemption.


  • Lack of awareness through social media. Majority of people are friends and family of board directors and volunteers.
  • Illuminate India is a new organization that needs to spread more awareness about orphaned children in India.
  • Illuminate India is looking for more volunteers to donate, donate and to help the company grow through expertise.


  • More children are receiving help because people in the community are giving back by hosting events.
  • Illuminate India can have the ability to grow through community involvement.
  • Large companies can sponsor non-profit organizations to show that they give back.


  • The number of orphans in India grows each day and we fear that we can’t help every child.
  • Orphanages in India are often looked over, not all children can get help.
  • Other non-profit organizations have been developed to help the same cause.

For more information:
Maitreyee Brandon
Volunteer Communications Advisor

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