National Adoption Month Press Release

WACAP Press Release

For Immediate Release
Nov 1, 2011

WACAP Celebrates National Adoption Month

Renton, WA. – World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) is celebrating National Adoption Month for the month of November. WACAP allows potential parents to adopt children from different parts of the world and at different ages. WACAP believes that every child should receive a family and to live in a loving home.

WACAPs Family Finder Team helps parents to find waiting children that match their personality and lifestyles. Many families are often surprised that there are more boys up for adoption than there are girls globally. National Adoption Month creates more awareness to accept all children into a loving family.

To help promote more adoptions and loving families, WACAP has developed ways that the community can give way to help. Donations and volunteering for WACAP gives children and parents a home for creating a wonderful family. Volunteering can give the community the option to provide family support and promote advocacy.

WACAP is one of the leading nonprofit adoption and humanitarian agencies of the United States. More than 10,000 children have been placed up for adoption with adoptable parents and have been provided with food, medical care and education.


For more information:
Maitreyee Brandon
WACAP Adoptee

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