Seeking new opportunities

I am currently seeking new opportunities for employment. I have been working for Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc and I am grateful for all the experience I have gained in this organization. I would like to take the next steps in my career for a management position. After working in the marketing and compliance industry, I have been able to work with supervisors who inspired me to move forward. I was able to watch them lead by example. With my MBA degree and opportunities to lead in a work setting or classroom, I believe I am finally ready for a management position.

I am the type of person who loves personal and educational growth. I enjoy learning new things to apply to my resume and skills. I am currently taking a certification course through Google’s Coursera for Project Management Certification and I am set to finish that course in November. Mental growth is important for me because I can expand my knowledge and find new ways to handle tough decisions.

I am open to having a discussion about recruiting or learning more about my experience. Please reach out to me on Linkedin and we can connect.

Cold Email Example

Dear Ms. Chen,

              Thank you for helping spread awareness against hate and violence toward the Asian and Pacific Islander community during this pandemic. Our community has taken to social media such as Tik-Tok to raise a concern through the hashtag “#stopasianhate.” Protests and rallies have been organized around the globe at state capitols and around Asian towns. Responding to appeals from organizations like ours, President Joe Biden recently condemned racism and hate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

              Would you participate in our virtual conference as a host on May 20, 2021? We will be discussing how the Asian community has thrived and grown in America. As our host you will explain how your Asian Markets from across the nation have accommodated those affected during the pandemic. The conference will include a small question and answer section at the end. Our virtual conference will include 350-500 people from the community of all genders, nationalities, and qualities of life. Our goal is to educate the community about Asian culture through food and music. We have invited local Asian chefs such as Chef Tila from the Food Network and musicians from South Korea such as Eric Nam to perform. Other chefs and musicians will be attending from China, Phillipines, India, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

              What do you think?

Maitreyee Hunter

MBA Student @ Liberty University

North Pole, AK.