Fibromyalgia Pitch letter

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Fibromyalgia is a widespread syndrome that presents chronic pain. Fibromyalgia affects 3 million to 6 million Americans and is more common in women than in men. More than 90 percent of patients with Fibromyalgia have a variety of symptoms that include, fatigue, tingling, insomnia and weakness. Poor sleep adds to more stress and doesn’t allow the brain waves to work properly.

Spreading awareness about Fibromyalgia is critical because many Americans are diagnosed with it. Dr. Syed I. Nabi, Salt Lake City, Utah resident, is a sleep specialist for the Utah Sleep Center and a member of the Education Board of American Sleep and Breathing Academy. He recently wrote an article for Sleep and Wellness Magazine on Fibromyalgia in the February 2012 issue (a copy of the article is attached).

In this article, Dr. Nabi discusses a variety of topics including the three transitions the brain goes though during sleep and stages of brain waves. He also explains how obstructive sleep apnea, a condition where the airway collapses leading to cessation of breathing, is often common in fibromyalgia patients.

If you would like to meet Dr. Syed I. Nabi, to learn more about fibromyalgia and sleep, I would like to make all necessary arrangements.


Maitreyee Brandon

PTSD Pitch Letter

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Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that develops after events that result in psychological trauma. More than 60 percent of US adults experience at least one traumatic event in their life. It is estimated that 1 in every 5 military personnel has PTSD; diagnosed cases have increased by 50 percent within the past year. More people are seeking treatment options to help prevent PTSD develop after trauma.

Nightmares are a common symptom with PTSD and two types of treatments for nightmares have been effective to treat PTSD. Dr. Paul Teman, Salt Lake City, Utah resident, is the medical director at the Sleep Wake Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and educates patients about sleep disorders. He was recently featured in Sleep and Wellness Magazine for a Q&A feature story in the month of February (a copy of the full Q&A is attached).

In the Q&A, Teman discussed a variety of topics were discussed including how PTSD can effect nightmares, sleep disorders and gave examples of treatment options. He also discusses about PTSD effects sleep and different types of sleep disorders associated with PTSD.

If you would like to meet Dr. Paul Teman to learn more about PTSD and sleep, I would like to make all necessary arrangements.


Maitreyee Brandon


Overstock Release

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Overstock Organizes Furniture Sale

Salt Lake City, Utah—Overstock will host parking lot sale for furniture and bedding goods. This event is on June 16, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Maverick Center located 3200 S. Decker Lane Drive.

“Customers get excited during summer because they can re-decorate and buy new furniture for their house. Overstock wants to make their furniture shopping easy,” says Kirstie Burden, media contact for Overstock.

Overstock is a technology-based retail company offering customers a wide variety of household products. The company provides its customers with the opportunity to shop for bargains by offering suppliers an alternative inventory distribution channel.


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Firewall Facts

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Fun Facts About Firewalls

Purchasing a new computer can be really exciting. While you are setting up your computer for the first time, it might be a good idea to set up a firewall as well. Firewalls are barriers that help keep destructive forces away. This helps protect your home network and family from web sites and hackers that can send viruses to your computer.

Creating separation between your private networks from the internet is used by the Network Address Translation (NAT). The idea is to keep other computers from being internet accessible to assign them to an invalid IP address. The only IP address that should be available is assigned to the firewall. All machines protected by the firewall are given an IP address and are valid on the private network.  If the computer on a private network needs to communicate with the outside world, it sends a request to the firewall. The firewall places the request and when it arrives to the firewall, it responds to the appropriate computer on the private network.

Port filtering is used to ensure that nothing can pass through an open port except through request of the administrator.  Common hacking techniques can include performing a port scan against and IP address. This allows the hacker with a list of ports that are open. And use protocols to gain entry into the system. Port filtering can also deny access to the system from an IP address the administer has chosen. Port filtering examines the system header such as source address to make sure it is not spoofed.

Firewalls are important to protect your personal property and the help make your new computer safe and secure. Firewalls can be set up through software and can always be scanned to make sure it’s working properly. Small businesses have firewall protect to help secure special files such as finances and client information.

Officer radio spot

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Male voice: I’ve been sick for quite a while and my doctor told me that I needed a new kidney within the next 6 months. My health insurance wouldn’t cover all the expenses and I was on the waiting list to have a kidney donated.

SFX: sounds of doctor talking in background

Male Voice: I got pneumonia and it put me in the hospital for a few weeks. My new neighbor was about to go on a cruise to Mexico, after he heard about my entrance to the hospital he canceled his trip. I never thought that someone would cancel their trip to help save my life. It’s because of him that I am alive today.

Anncr:  In Utah, values count.  At Bear River Mutual, values have always guided how we live and do business.  Since 1909, our dedication to service and integrity has always been our cornerstone.  Visit us at Bear River Mutual dot comfort your home and insurance needs.

SFX:  Jingle sings out:  “Bear River Mutual…where values count.”


Patience radio spot

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Man’s voice: I knew that Lauren was the one when I first looked at her. I was stubborn and agitated before we met.  She taught me patience and how to think before I speak. I’ve learned how to be more patient.

SFX: street cars passing by

Man’s voice: We worked in the same building but in different departments. We would always ride together to keep each other company. While I was out for lunch my co-worker informed me that she had a heart attack.

SFX: sirens

Man’s voice: I drove to the hospital but I was too late. I will remember what she has taught me and I will join her someday. I’ll do enough good to make it up to her.

Anncr:  In Utah, values count.  At Bear River Mutual, values have always guided how we live and do business.  Since 1909, our dedication to service and integrity has always been our cornerstone.  Visit us at Bear River Mutual dot comfort your home and insurance needs.


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